Unlocking your Leadership Potential

Leadership and culture expert // Ben Crowe


In his talk on Unlocking your Leadership Potential, Ben will share guidance on how authenticity, vulnerability and storytelling can create not only an amazing culture and competitive advantage - but also create a life that balances achievement and fulfillment.

About Ben Crowe

Ben is the former International Director of Sports Marketing at NIKE, who now as leadership mentor, life coach and adviser, works closely with business leaders, coaches & athletes across the globe including Andre Agassi and NIKE CEO Phil Knight, on building the principles behind developing successful teams and leaders.

Ben works alongside individuals and organisations to explain how a counter intuitive focus on gratitude, humility and humour can help achieve peak performance, avoiding the distractions that typically sabotage performance and balance achievement with fulfilment. Focussing heavily on the principles of a “Connection” mindset, Ben is one of the most sought-after and inspiring speakers in the leadership and business culture space.

Hosted by our State Sales Leader Nathan Gallagher, Ben will be talking through Unlocking your leadership potential, giving you actionable tips that you can use throughout your career.

Wednesday 17 March 2021 12:00PM (AEDT)